February 17, 2011

Any Johnny Mize collectors out there?

I apologize for the lack of a picture right now but i'm at work. Yesterday I bought an unopened Topps Chicle box loader cabinet card from a local store (don't ask). It turned out to be an artist proof of Johnny Mize (in a Cardinals uniform) and autographed by the artist (forget the name). It's numbered out of 50. I'll try and get a picture of it up tomorrow but it's a good looking card with a good looking signature. I realize it's a small market for something like that so that's why i'll trade it instead of listing it on ebay. Let me know what ya got...

February 9, 2011

It's been awhile...

since i've posted last. It's been crazy around here with the snow storms, death in the family, holidays, etc. I haven't bought many cards if at all since December but I have gotten a couple trade packages in the mail and my COMC.com shipment arrived. I also finally received my two Mike Leake redemption autos and a custom Kentucky Steve Johnson card finally came back signed and personalized. So without further delay:

First I want to thank Jeremy from no one's going to read this blog. We've sent a few packages back and forth and I just received another one the other day. I still haven't posted what he sent before. I have to admit most of the cards he sent got mixed in with my other Reds that need to be organized but I wanted to show off two today. One is a custom 1/1 sketch card that Jeremy made of Johnny Bench. While this isn't from a card company, it's still my first sketch card and very legit if you ask me. Very cool. The other is a Jay Bruce N43 Ginter card. This is only my second N43 card and he even included an oversized top loader that fits it perfect. Thanks again Jeremy, it's been great trading with you and I hope to continue. Now I just have to find some more Mets or Packers!

The next cards I wanted to show off were some autos I got. The Steve Johnson I got back through the mail, a Steve Johnson score auto numbered /50 I got off of COMC for about $3, a Tristar Reymond Fuentes inscription autograph numbered /25 that I also got off of COMC (this will go along with my Bowman Orange Refractor auto I pulled), A Devin Mesoraco Refractor auto from COMC, and one of the two Mike Leakes.

Finally, I want to show off the stamp card I won on Jimmy's blog Prophet Got It. It was a contest he was having back in December I think. It's about time for him to be back so I wanted to get this up. Thanks again Jimmy.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm not sure when the next post will come but I really don't want to shut this down and wish I hadn't later. Even though I don't buy as much any more I'm still collecting, and condensing. I'm still looking for Steve Johnson Refractors, Reds, and anything else on my want list. I have some stuff that I was collecting but am not now that I may make available but i'm not sure yet. I'm not sure if i'll go the ebay route or make them available for trade. I've actually been selling some cards on ebay and taking that money and buying original artwork for my house off of a couple artists on Etsy. It's kind of a girly site but they have a lot of great artists on there selling their works. Time to dig myself out of my hosue with the ol' snow shovel!