September 30, 2010

Cincinnati Reds: 2010 NL Central Champs

Ok, so I may be a day or two late on this but who cares. The Reds are in and that's all that counts. I thought I might have a chance to go to game two in Cincinnati as I'm flying in on the 8th but it looks like they may not have home field advantage. To celebrate the Reds division championship, i'd like to share a couple links to my favorite Reds blogs who have covered the actual baseball part of the season better than I ever could.

1) Redleg Nation
2) OMG Reds

Here's a new blog that I saw featured on OMG Reds that does my new favorite thing, make custom cards. Does anyone now of how to print and make these custom cards real?

3) The Writer's Journey

September 24, 2010

Another Team Lot Return Package

I actually forgot that I had just gotten this box in the mail when I did the last post. This is from Scott of Smed's Baseball Card Blog. He received a box of the A's, Rockies, and Brewers (if I remember correctly). What I do remember is stuffing that box so full that i've got about 40 Brewers cards that I couldn't get in there. They're just junk wax commons so who knows, maybe i'll just throw them out or wait to pawn them off on someone else. Here is the top three that I picked from his return box. He had a pretty big box to send as well but these were all Reds and a lot of new ones too. Love the Dibble card.

September 22, 2010

Team Lot Return Package Post: Catching Up Edition

I've got four return packages to post this time. I haven't had a lot of time lately so here it goes...

The first package is from Dennis at Too Many Grandersons. He's a Tigers fan (Wolverines fan too but I won't hold that against him) and sent me a great return package of old and new Reds. The three I picked for showing off are the Joe Oliver autograph which is great, the Topps Tek Paul Konerko (plastic see through and refractor like), and an '05 UD Pros and Prospects Griffey. Love the throw back uni.

The next trade is one that I instigated as I found out that Chris from On Card Autos was a Cubs fan and I didn't have anybody claim the Cubs yet (big surprise). He sent a nice little package of Reds, most of them I didn't have yet. I chose the Big Red Machine, Red variation Volquez, and the big head Austin Kearns to show off. I'm gonna have to find some more of the big head cards, those are funny.

The next package came from within the state of Oklahoma from Jeremy of No One's Going To Read This Blog. He's a Mets fan who also requested the Packers. He collects OU Sooners too since he's from Norman. He sent a great package of newer Reds and also some Lions for my brother. I love the Jay Bruce Turkey Red, very classic looking (obviously). It's too bad Upper Deck sucks now because they always had great photography and card design. What was up with 2007 Upper Deck though? Horrible looking sets. I'm glad I didn't start back collecting in '07. Between UD and that Topps set, I probably would have quit again.

The last package came from the legendary Collective Troll. I think between a previous trade with me and trading with Chris from Nachos Grande, Troll didn't have too many Reds left to trade. But...he came through and was able to send a package with some Reds and 80's oddball stuff. I love this Topps Finest Volquez refractor. One of the shiniest refractors i've seen. Of course my scanner isn't going to show you that.

Well I'm caught up for now but should have a couple more coming at some point. I've also pre-ordered two boxes of Topps Chrome baseball and one box of Topps Chrome football so I may have some stuff up for trade.

September 15, 2010

Team Lot Return Package # 4

The next package I received was from Ryan over at O No!!! Another Orioles Blog. He sent a smaller box but it was loaded with newer Reds which was great. There were a lot of Larkins and Griffeys which is always a good thing. There were a lot of the current guys too like Votto, Bruce, Volquez, Cueto, and Arroyo. It was hard to pick three cards from this lot because there were a lot of parallels and chrome.

The Larkin below is a refractor like UD3 card. I'm not familiar with this set at all. That's the great thing about these trades, i'm getting to see a lot of different sets that I haven't seen yet. As everyone knows there were so many sets from the mid 90's up until last year. Some sucked but some were really cool. I love the plastic see through EX cards. Usually I have to look through COMC to find new cards but this is a lot easier.

The Phillips relic is an error card of sorts. The back of the card is for a Ryan Braun relic card. The Aroldis Chapman card speaks for itself. It was very nice of Ryan to include a card that's already priced at $10-20 with potential for more. I'd really like a Chapman auto but don't really feel like paying today's prices so I sent a card out in the mail to him and Leake. We'll see if they get returned or not which will definately be another post.

Check out Ryan's blog, it's a good one, especially if you're an Orioles fan.

Team Lot Return Package # 3

The third package I've received back is from Rhubarb Runner at “é rayhahn, rayhahn”. He sent along a pretty big package with all kinds of stuff in it. It had jumbo cards and mini relic cards that were removed from the frame. I think I like them better that way but I don't think i'll be removing any that I have. He also sent some vintage which is great. He's a Twins fan so check out his blog which is more than just baseball cards. Here's the three that I picked out to show off but again it was hard to narrow it down.

September 8, 2010

Team Lot Return Package # 2

The second return package of Reds came from Moremonkeys138 of Crinkly Wrappers. This was a smaller lot of cards than the first but had a lot more newer cards which was great. There were what seemed like team sets from Topps and Chicle. Here are the top three that I chose to show off from this lot. The Jay Bruce is a foil board card and shines like or better than a refractor.

September 6, 2010

Team Lot Return Package # 1

It's time to start posting some of what I've recieved in return for my team lots. I'll be getting a lot of packages in return so I've decided to post my three favorite cards of each return package.

My first package came from Mariner1 of Emerald City Diamond Gems. I received this package even before I sent mine out. It had about 300 or 400 cards. It was a variety of cards ranging from the 60's through today. It was hard to pick three cards because there was a lot of Bench, Foster, etc. Thanks Mariner1, pleasure trading with you!

September 4, 2010

30 Worst Baseball Cards of All-Time

I came across this link the other day. It's the 30 worst baseball cards of all-time courtesy of I'm not familiar with the site but there are some great cards here. I even managed to pick up a couple on COMC. I think Pete Ladd may be my new favorite player and Wally Moon has the best uni-brow ever.

September 2, 2010

Team Lot Update

I'm getting ready to begin "phase two" of pulling teams to trade for more Reds. Here's a list of what teams are already gone or spoken for:


1) Reds
2) Rangers
3) Yankees
4) Blue Jays
5) Twins
6) O's
7) Mariners
8) Red Sox
9) Angels
10 Giants
11 Cubs

Spoken For:

1) Rays
2) Pirates
3) Nationals
4) Indians
5) Dodgers
6) Mets
7) Tigers
8) A's
9) Brewers
10 Rockies

So the remaining teams are: D'Backs, Braves, White Sox, Marlins, Astros, Royals, Phillies, Padres, Cardinals

If you'd like to get in on phase two let me know in the next couple days. For those that didn't see the first post, I'm trading away the teams that I don't collect (all but the Reds) for Reds cards or other things that I collect which are listed on the blog to the right. The cards are commons, stars, prospects, and possibly a relic or auto (more than one if available). I'm keeping most of the chrome prospect cards so most of those will be base. I have included other chrome cards and some refractors though.

I hope to post what I get in return also. I've gotten two boxes back already from Larry of Emerald City Diamond Gems and Ted of Crinkly Wrappers. Thanks again guys. Great cards.