August 21, 2010


So I have another huge lot of Check Out My Cards ready to ship. I'll have to do the bulk ship which falls on the last week of the month. It seems like every month I either forget or don't want to pay the price of a hobby box for shipping. That's right, hobby box. I have approx. 320 cards waiting to be shipped right now. The cool thing is they're all cards that I want versus a hobby box where I might not get anything I really want. What I usually do is load $10 into my account at work and shop for cards throughout the day. I've found some really cool sets that I didn't know about just surfing around looking at specific players and years, etc. The latest sets I've been checking out are the mid 2000's Bowman Heritage. I really like these cards especially the variations like the Mahogany (Ginter wood anyone?) and the rainbow foil versions of the '07 set. Another would be the 2003 Fleer Platinum which has prospect cards that look like '88 Fleer. I also found a 2007(?) Topps Wal-mart Manny Ramirez card that looks like an '88 Topps. I'm a sucker for these reprints that feature new players on old cards or old players on newer cards. One thing I think is funny is I almost went all in on the Tony Hawk Ginter wood card on ebay lately but bailed out and I'm glad I did. After seeing the mahogany Bowman cards, it doesn't seem that special.

One last COMC thought, I have a box i'm working on to send to them so I can get my own cards up for sale. I'd like to be able to fund my account from stuff I already have. Anyone have a lot of success doing this? Anyone have any random thoughts about COMC?

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Collective Troll said...

I am def into that '88 Fleer Crawford... NICE!