July 23, 2010

Tony Hawk Relic

Here's the latest card I picked up off of Ebay. The coolest part of this card is that every little piece is different. The Tony Hawk auto is about the only other Ginter card I'd like to have as i've bought the complete set off of Ebay. I would trade my Heyward auto for the Hawk auto if anyone has one or know's someone that does.


TJ said...

That's awesome. I gots to get one. I was a big Tony Hawk fan when I was growing up. It's weird that the kids today pretty much know him as a video game character.

G_Moses said...

That's actually a pretty cool card. I'm not a skate fan, but still has something interesting in the middle of it as opposed to a white swatch.

The Ranter said...

I love those Allen and Ginter relic cards! That's a cool card. I hope they don't have an "X-Ray" relic card. :P