June 11, 2010

WTF Blowout!?!?!!!!

This is getting pretty ridiculous. I was going to order two boxes of Allen & Ginter from Blowout but couldn't make up my mind. I saw they had an Ebay listing for it and it was originally $84.99. They had a best offer option (?) which I used and was denied. So I decided to pre-order two boxes of Topps Chrome at the nice price of $66 each. In the last two days the prices keep escalating for no reason. Every time I think about going to order Ginter, the price is $5 more than the previous day let alone 6 hours prior. As it stands right now Ginter is $104.99 and Chrome is $87.99. I think it's bull s**t that a distributor can jack up prices like that for no reason. I totally understand it's all about supply and demand but not everyone wants to spend stupid money on these boxes but would still like to get some of these cards. What's also bull s**t is there's people on the Blowout forums saying "I don't normally open baseball cards but I figured I'd get in on the craziness that's Bowman this year. Are these cards any good?" Seriously? I'm starting to listen to the people who are saying the "bubble's about to burst" on the hobby again. Obviously the Strasburg price was ignorant but this effects pretty much everyone who collects.

I think i've decided to let all the idoits pay 2k or over for all the cases to bust and i'll buy my Ginter complete set for $30 on ebay and save a crap load of money. I also think that if I get a Strasburg auto superfractor in one of my "discounted" Chrome Hobby boxes, i'll post a video online of me ripping a fake one in half just to see what happens. Then I'll sell the real one on ebay the next week.


Joe S. said...

Uhhh... if the boxes of Ginter and Chrome are flying off the pre-order shelves at current prices, why SHOULDN'T they keep raising them? I just hope it doesn't affect pack prices when they're released. If they're insane, like over $5 for Ginter, I simply will buy something else.

Baseball cards are HOT right now! So long as print/distribution doesn't drastically increase like it did in the late 80s, I don't think any bubbles will be bursting.. but there'll be a lot of disappointed newcomers looking at a bunch of worthless wax in their hands!

Lesson to everyone: don't EVER over spend on cards. Stick to a level you're comfortable with and enjoy it. These aren't "real" investments. Sure, you might be able to turn a quick buck with a big pull, but nothing life changing.

Cameron said...

Great points, I just think it's shady to jack up the prices like that to where only a select few can afford them. I guess it would only be really shady if Topps jacked up the prices to the distributors.

G_Moses said...

Prices are always steep just before a product goes live. Very few things retain their IPO prices.

Still, you're right. Raising the price on a pre-sell item isn't cool. It hasn't proven it's worth yet. Pre-sells should stick to their MSRP's. Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

Shady shit that keeps the hobby in the sad state it's been in and keeps casual fans away. Sucks.