June 9, 2010

Getting In On The Strasburg Action Pt. 2

My '09 Strasburg UD USA card sold for a little over $11 which i'm still awaiting payment for (awesome) but I replaced that with the one I was wanting today. I bought some Bowman for the first time this year besides the Reds team set I bought on Ebay. I picked up some Jumbo rack packs from Wal-Mart today and the chrome Strasburg was in the second pack. Two things to note from this: 1) the rack packs have way better odds on refractors than the blaster boxes and 2) a lot of the chrome prospect cards are off center. 18 out of 48 are waaaaay off center and almost worthless. I'm going to send them in and see what happens. Last year I was shorted an auto two times out of two jumbo boxes and Topps sent me two in the mail so we'll see what they do with this. Anyways, check the Stras which I plan on keeping. Btw, I'm not sure how pissed I would be if this card was off center but i'm pretty sure it would be a lot.

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