May 4, 2010

Reds HOF

Here's some pictures of the Reds Hall Of Fame that is just outside the stadium. Easily the highlight of the day (besides lunch and the beer sampler at Rockbottom Brewery in the fountain square) since Bronson decided to stink up the place during the game. Definately worth the $10 admission price and they also gave us a free hardback Opening Day book from 2004 that was originally $35. There's a lot of stuff that I didn't take pictures of like the entire 1990 team section that is being featured this year, but this is a nice sample.

Huge Joey Votto "fathead" outside the team shop which is actually the exit for the HOF.

Nice Pete Rose display

Very cool ghosts of Crosley Field painting

World Series Trophy, it'll probably be awhile until they add another one.

Nasty Boys

Hall Of Fame Plaques

I forgot to look at who I was sitting next to

My brother in the pitching cage. I'm not going to post our top speeds because it's pretty embarassing but I will say 90 feet seems a lot farther than it sounds.

Cool Big Red Machine mural inside the stadium

Cueto "fathead" inside the stadium

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