May 20, 2010

Get Serious Joey Votto...

The Reds blew it today and are back in second place.

May 18, 2010

Smile Joey Votto!!

The Reds are in first place!!!

May 15, 2010

Best 20 cents ever spent?

I think so.

May 14, 2010

Custom Cut Auto #1: Walter Payton

This is an autograph I got on my plane ticket at O'hare airport back in the day . For the longest time I had this stuffed away in a small binder where no one could see it. After seeing cut autos that the card companys put out I decided to make my own. The ticket cover itself was falling apart so it really didn't matter if I cut it or not. Now it's in a protective case and can go with the rest of my collection. Payton was a nice guy and even talked to me in Jacksonville since we flew on the same plane.

May 13, 2010

Rajon Rondo

is turning out to be a nice ball player and I have a rookie auto card of his. I didn't follow him at Kentucky but from what I gather a lot of the local folks there weren't too big on him. Has anyone noticed he sounds like MC Pee Pants from ATHF?

The next couple of posts I plan to show off my Andre Woodson auto collection for lack of better ideas, but also I want to show off my custom cut autos with a fairly big name leading the pack.

May 6, 2010

The Infinite Baseball Card Set

I ordered mine, anyone else?

May 4, 2010

Reds HOF

Here's some pictures of the Reds Hall Of Fame that is just outside the stadium. Easily the highlight of the day (besides lunch and the beer sampler at Rockbottom Brewery in the fountain square) since Bronson decided to stink up the place during the game. Definately worth the $10 admission price and they also gave us a free hardback Opening Day book from 2004 that was originally $35. There's a lot of stuff that I didn't take pictures of like the entire 1990 team section that is being featured this year, but this is a nice sample.

Huge Joey Votto "fathead" outside the team shop which is actually the exit for the HOF.

Nice Pete Rose display

Very cool ghosts of Crosley Field painting

World Series Trophy, it'll probably be awhile until they add another one.

Nasty Boys

Hall Of Fame Plaques

I forgot to look at who I was sitting next to

My brother in the pitching cage. I'm not going to post our top speeds because it's pretty embarassing but I will say 90 feet seems a lot farther than it sounds.

Cool Big Red Machine mural inside the stadium

Cueto "fathead" inside the stadium

May 1, 2010

Crazy Week

It's been a crazy last 8 days or so. A week ago Friday I arrived in Cincinnati and was picked up by my brother at the airport. We went to the Reds and Padres game that night. We were able to see the Reds at their worst, in the midst of a losing streak. We were lucky enough to see the bad Bronson Arroyo show up and give up 9 through 4 or so. It was rainy, somewhat cold, and we both had an allergy/cold thing going on. It was miserable enough that we left after the sixth and never looked back. We got to see A-Gon hit a grand slam which sucked but, hey, it's a grand slam. The highlight of the day was the Reds Hall Of Fame which is connected to the team shop at the stadium. Why have I always skipped this before? Thoroughly enjoyed it. Highlight of the trip besides getting to visit family. I may post some pictures in the next day or two.

After returning to Tulsa on Monday, I worked on Tuesday, closed on my new house on Wednesday, and spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday moving/setting up the new house. It's been great but very time consuming. With the help of the home buyers tax credit, I was able to buy new furniture, appliances, and lawn equipment that I didn't have or need living in an apartment for the better part of eight years.

In the midst of all this hecticness, the Reds have posted a five game winning streak. They took one from the Padres, swept the Astros and as of last night, have taken the first game of the series with the Cards. Johnny Cueto got the win last night and it seems the rotation has turned things around for the time being.

I also recieved a nice little package from Chris of Nachos Grande. He was nice enough to send me an Eric Davis I had my eye on and some Reds cards from his group break that I was not a part of. Great gesture that will definately be repaid once I figure out how.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I can get some HOF pics up, a post i've been wanting to make consisting of my Andre Woodson (UK QB class of '07) auto collection, and some cards Nachos sent me.

In tribute to the Reds winning streak and last night's winner, Johnny, here's the only Cueto card I currently have in que at CheckOutMyCards.