April 7, 2010

Check Out My Cards shipment arrives

Here's just a sample of the 250 or so cards I had shipped from Check Out My Cards. The Singh and Gray autos are refractors. The triple auto is Todd Frazier (Reds), Matt Dominguez, and Kevin Ahrens. It's a Just Minors card numbered 10/25 which I think I got for like $8. The Clemente Gallery is a refractor like artist proof. The '08 Jay Bruce doesn't say refractor but shines like one which is weird. The Stadium Club Clemente is a good looking card. And of course there's an Action Packed textured William Perry card. Most of the other cards I got were Masterpieces to finish my sets and random refractors and rookies. I have two more to show in the next post which I placed in the popped open uncirculated cases.

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