March 4, 2010

UD Masterpieces

I've decided to put together the Masterpieces sets. I've finished the 2007 set and am now working on the 2008 set. The only needs I have are some of the SP's. I'm also kind of working on the football and basketball sets but want to finish the 2008 baseball set first. Here's my needs:

92 Ripken # 1
99 Griffey
100 Al Kaline
101 Ripken # 2
102 Nolan Ryan
103 Jack Morris
104 Rod Carew
106 Mattingly
108 Dimaggio
109 Jeter
112 Schmidt
116 Pujols
117 Musial
118 Bob Gibson

I'd take an extra Clemente if someone wanted to get rid of one. Let me know if you have any of these to trade.

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