March 13, 2010

Going Oldschool

I can feel my collecting focus shifting to vintage. Yesterday I took a couple of my more recent "hits" and finds and traded for a 1964 Topps Roberto Clemente. I've always been a fan of Clemente even though I'm too young to have ever seen him play. Before yesterday the only Clemente cards I had were of the more recent kind. Now that i've got the '64, I've got an itch for more. On ebay today I picked up a '69 for cheap. It's not in the best of shape but I don't mind at all. The '64 is actually pretty nice and had a $100 price tag on it. I'll scan it later. I also picked up a '69 Rose in the trade.

As I'm wrapping up the Masterpiece sets, I've set my sights on a new set to collect. 1998 Topps Finest Clemente reprints. Topps reprinted every single Clemente base card chrome finest style and there are refractors to be had. I already had one so that left me 18 to go. I picked up a few on CheckOutMyCards today and two more on Ebay. I've averaging about $5 apiece and one was a refractor. I plan on slowly matching that set with the originals of which I now have two. I'll scan each finest as I get them.

Speaking of Masterpieces, the two baseball sets are done. I finished the '08 SP's with one of those pick X number auctions on Ebay. I purchased a football base set for about $10 and need the SP's from that. I have a few basketball ones I need to finish out that set. That'll be a seperate post later as well.

If anyone has the Clementes let me know.

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