February 24, 2010

Steve Carlton and Octopussy

I watched a show called Hoarders the other night on A&E and while i'm not a hoarder, i'm boarderline OCD. So I decided to clean out my closet today. I came across a box of older CD's which I decided to take to our local hobby store Vintage Stock. They took most of them which gave me $40 in trade. I got two 2009 Sweet Spot packs and they have a clearance deal where you get a free card up to $20 in value when you purchase a pack of cards of equal value. All of the sports cards were picked over so I went with two non-sports cards. The first was the James Bond Octopussy circus program relic card. They had it for 19.99. Not sure what it's worth if anything but it's pretty neat. The other was a Star Trek Worf uniform relic card numbered to 1,500. It comes in it's own Topps style sealed plastic case which also has a raised Star Trek logo and number on it. Weird. I'm not a Star Trek fan so if anyone wants it, it's yours. The Swee Spot packs gave me a base Porcello uni relic and this Steve Carlton base uni relic which is pretty cool.

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