February 11, 2010

2009-2010 Topps Basketball

I think I may try to put this base set together. Why? Because I have so many of the cards now from chasing the Brandon Jennings chrome (and refractor) card. I should of just bought the card outright from Ebay or elsewhere but I can't help how much fun it is to rip the packs hoping to find one of my own. At least it's fun until the last pack is opened and I didn't find crap. I've seriously had to go online and purchase a relic or auto for a couple bucks to make myself feel better. Anyways, I know this set will not be worth that much not being chrome but what the heck. I haven't built a set since '89 Topps baseball. I collected that entire 792 card set on my own except for the last card I needed, Cris Carpenter (the original), which I bought at the card shop.

This guy. I couldn't find the topps pic which I know is hard to believe. What's even harder to believe is that the Cardinals have had two C(h)ris Carpenters. Good thing the second one is better than the original. Bad for the Reds though.

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