February 24, 2010

Oh Yeeeeaaaaahhh!!!

Great wrestling cards that I bought from Check Out My Cards.

Steve Carlton and Octopussy

I watched a show called Hoarders the other night on A&E and while i'm not a hoarder, i'm boarderline OCD. So I decided to clean out my closet today. I came across a box of older CD's which I decided to take to our local hobby store Vintage Stock. They took most of them which gave me $40 in trade. I got two 2009 Sweet Spot packs and they have a clearance deal where you get a free card up to $20 in value when you purchase a pack of cards of equal value. All of the sports cards were picked over so I went with two non-sports cards. The first was the James Bond Octopussy circus program relic card. They had it for 19.99. Not sure what it's worth if anything but it's pretty neat. The other was a Star Trek Worf uniform relic card numbered to 1,500. It comes in it's own Topps style sealed plastic case which also has a raised Star Trek logo and number on it. Weird. I'm not a Star Trek fan so if anyone wants it, it's yours. The Swee Spot packs gave me a base Porcello uni relic and this Steve Carlton base uni relic which is pretty cool.

February 23, 2010

Brandon Jennings

I finally acquired the Topps Chrome Brandon Jennings Refractor I've been chasing.  I also picked up the regular chrome version cheaper than I thought I would, both on eBay.  One thing that is kind of frustrating is the Gold Chrome Refractor just sold for $128.  I spent more than that on a couple hobby boxes of baseball that didn't produce much.  I keep telling myself I'm going to quit buying boxes but it's not as fun just picking the ones you want and sometimes you can get lucky and pull the orange auto refractor or better.  But usually I just get crap.

February 19, 2010

Open For Trades

If you stroll by here and have some Reds cards you don't want I'm up for trading. I plan on adding some scans to my up for trade page on the right hand side eventually. I'm also going to take on the task of organizing my cards into individual teams. I'm starting with the prospects and young stars and will dig into the commons next. Hit me up.


Bo Knows Manners

Since i'm getting some scans under my belt I thought I would scan my best autograph. I obtained this at a Spring Training game in 1990 (I think). It was the year of the lockout. We had tickets to the Royals game but the lockout ended that day or the day before so the players were just working out. Bo signed for a bunch of us kids that were on top of the dugout. I remember some kid almost got pushed off onto the field as everyone wanted to get his signature. He stopped and scolded the crowd and said everyone would get an autograph. I got offered $50 for this card when I got back home in Indiana and didn't sell it (obviously). I'm glad I didn't because even though it may not be worth $50, it definately has sentimental value.

New Scanner Purchased!

It's been awhile since i've been in the scanner or printer market. I was kind of surprised to find that you almost have to buy a combo any more. They're also a lot cheaper than they used to be. I also made an impulse buy while at Best Buy, Sling Box. For those that don't know what that is, it connects to your cable/dvr box and to your internet router so you can watch your tv on your laptop anywhere. You can also watch tv on your iPhone over wifi or now 3G. I love technology. So here's a scan of some recent good pulls and card store purchases.

1) '09 Reymond Fuentes Bowman Chrome Draft Orange Auto Refractor
2) '07 Todd Frazier/Justin Jackson USA Baseball Dual Auto
3) '02 Joe Mauer Topps Chrome Series II RC
4) '05 Dwyane Wade Fleer @ Large Auto /50
5) '06 Kobe Bryant Topps Jersey Card
6) '09 Russell Westbrook Topps Chrome Gold Refractor /50
7) '09 Brandon Jennings UD RC
8) '09 Julius Erving UD Masterpieces
9) '09 Tyreke Evans UD RC

Trade with Project '62

I received my package from Chris of Project '62. I traded for the Corey Feldman (and his wife) auto and a vintage Red. Chris also included some other vintage Reds cards which is great since I really don't have that many. Thanks a lot Chris and I hope to trade again. Helps a small sample of the package that was sent my way.

February 18, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway

So I finally redeemed the seven cards I had and I did pretty good. The newest card I got was an '85 Topps. I even got a couple vintage Reds cards, not too bad.

1) '52 Gerry Staley

2) '72 Rollie Fingers

3)'71 Reds Rookie Stars Frank Duffy and Milt Wilcox

4) 1961 Harry Anderson (Reds)

5) 1966 Tom Egan (Angels)

6) 1972 Mike Paul (Rangers)

7) 1985 Tito Landrum (Cardinals)

I saw on Ebay the redemption cards have almost doubled from about a dollar a piece to two on average.

February 17, 2010

Birthday Box Breaks

Today is my birthday so I went to the card shop and spent more than I should have on some hobby boxes. One box of '09 Bowman Draft, one box of '08 Chrome, one box of '07 Chrome, one box of '02 Chrome series II, and they threw in a box of '99 Finest since I spent quite a bit (all baseball). The '99 Finest gave me two Split Screen refractor cards (Griffey/Rodriguez) and (McGwire/Sosa). The '02 Chrome gave me a Mauer RC, a Harden RC, and a Felipe Lopez black refractor. The '07 and '08 Chrome autos sucked and all four could have been had for about $15 on CheckOutMyCards, but the Bowman produced one of the best pulls I've had yet. It's an orange refractor auto #'d/25 of the Red Sox first round pick Reymond Fuentes. He just turned 19 and is Carlos Beltran's cousin. I think I'll have to hold this for a couple years until it hits max value.

February 11, 2010

2010 Baseball Season

Pitchers and catchers report in a week. As a Cincinnati Reds fan, you have to be excited this time of year. The Reds are always World Series contenders during Spring Training. Then comes April. And May. This year could be different. The Reds seem to have a young club with lots of upside. There are some decent veterans to provide leadership and bridge the gap until the rest of the prospects are ready. Just because I'm bored, here's the projected lineup.

SP: Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey, Owings
SP possibilities: Chapman, Maloney, Lehr, Volquez (injured)
RP: Cordero, Massey, Rhodes, Lincoln, Herrera, Burton, Bray

C Ramon Hernandez/Ryan Hanigan
1B Votto
2B Phillips
SS Cabrera/Janish
3B Rolen
LF (up for grabs) Frazier, Dickerson, Heisey, Gomes(?)
CF Stubbs
RF Bruce

Reds fans have high hopes for Bruce, Stubbs, and Votto. Votto was one of the best hitters last year and dealt with personal issues which kept him out for awhile. Hopefully he'll improve even more. Aroldis Chapman is the X-factor. I say throw him out there and let the new pitching coach work with him throughout the year. But having Owings in the rotation vs. the pen makes him available to pinch hit the four days he's not pitching. Or they could just put him in LF and call it good. Later I'll list the Red's top prospects.

2009-2010 Topps Basketball

I think I may try to put this base set together. Why? Because I have so many of the cards now from chasing the Brandon Jennings chrome (and refractor) card. I should of just bought the card outright from Ebay or elsewhere but I can't help how much fun it is to rip the packs hoping to find one of my own. At least it's fun until the last pack is opened and I didn't find crap. I've seriously had to go online and purchase a relic or auto for a couple bucks to make myself feel better. Anyways, I know this set will not be worth that much not being chrome but what the heck. I haven't built a set since '89 Topps baseball. I collected that entire 792 card set on my own except for the last card I needed, Cris Carpenter (the original), which I bought at the card shop.

This guy. I couldn't find the topps pic which I know is hard to believe. What's even harder to believe is that the Cardinals have had two C(h)ris Carpenters. Good thing the second one is better than the original. Bad for the Reds though.

First Blog Trade

Working on my first blog trade with Chris from Project '62. Looking to acquire a Corey Feldman auto which will be transferred to my brother when obtained. Now to find that elusive Corey Haim auto...

February 6, 2010


2003-04 Ultra Gold Medallion #149 - Kwame Brown - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com