January 30, 2010

One more thing I'm collecting...

Awesome hair cards. That's right. Afros. Jheri curls. Afros. Skate or Die (I'm lookin' at you Matt Jones). I purchased the ever popular Oscar Gamble '76 traded card on COMC.com for a quarter I think. My favorite one besides Oscar so far...Kwame Brown with a blowout fro. If I ever get a scanner, it's getting scanned.


I found this site on another blog, www.beardysbaseballblog.blogspot.com, and fell in love. Instead of buying boxes of cards and not really getting what I want, I can buy exactly what I want and not have to pay Ebay shipping (per card). So after two smaller shipments, I have a bulk shipment ($59) of 349 cards coming soon. That should keep me busy for awhile. The shipment is heavy with Reds players past and present, UD Masterpieces (baseball, football, and the new basketball insert), a few autos, a few relics, and cards that just look cool. I usually don't care for reprints but I found a lot of chrome reprints of older cards and Archives Reserve (refractor) reprints of older cards. I love chrome, I love refractors. Who doesn't want a chrome version of the 1985 McGwire card, or a refractor of Roberto Clemente? Idiots, that's who.

2010 Topps

So 2010 Topps baseball is out and i've bought one hobby box and one blaster box at Target. The hobby box was fun to rip and i'm pretty sure I got the best relic hit you can get. That's right, Jody Gerut bat relic. Jody. Gerut. bat.. Besides the fact that this is the base product and there is no chrome for another 9 months probably, it wasn't bad. There are a lot of insert cards, some interesting, some not. I got one #'d /50 black parallel card of Brandon Flowers.

The blaster pack was strange as three of the packs had an old style cardboard back vs. the glossy type back. I'm guessing this is a Target variation but strange none the less. Nothing really to speak of besides a Roger Maris variation card.

I bought a blister pack of Bowman draft and got an Aroldis Chapman chrome and a purple (purple?) refractor of some rookie. I've never heard of him, it's not his first card, and the purples are apparently not awesome enough to number so I didn't pay a whole lot of attention.

Four blister packs of 2009-2010 Topps basketball yielded zero chrome cards but two base Brandon Jennings of which I now have four.