October 24, 2009

New Blog (second attempt)

I'm going to give this blog thing a try again. Last year I thought i'd blog about the Cincinnati Reds but I didn't make it out of April. Ironically I don't think the Reds did either. This time I'm going to give the sportscard blog genre a try. I started reading other sportscard blogs and really enjoy seeing other people's collections. If i'm going to really do this I'll have to buy a new scanner.

I started collecting baseball cards in 1988. 1988 Topps Shawon Dunston was my first card and I still have it. I collected a few years but like many gave it up as I grew older and the market became flooded with crappy cards. This year during spring training I started looking at old Pete Rose cards on Ebay. I bought a few and as I got more excited about the upcoming baseball season I started looking into cards for the new Reds. The rest is history. Now, i'm back into collecting full-time. Baseball, Football, Basketball, whatever. I feel like i'm 12 again but this time I have enough money to get pretty much whatever I want. So...we'll see how long I stick with this. I'm not sure what form this blog will take. It'll probably just be random posts about cards I obtain and not one particular theme. Let's begin...

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