October 29, 2009

2009 Bowman Sterling

I broke down and bought a pack of Bowman Sterling yesterday. It's hard for me to throw down $50 for one pack of 5 cards but when it says look for multiple autographs in this box, I figured i'd give it a try. Result: Jaison Williams (who?) auto rookie card, Pat White jersey card #'d out of 50, and a Maurice Jones Drew jersey card #'d out of a few hundred. I've decided that Ebay is the way to go on the premium as you can pay for exactly want you want but it's hard to resist the fun of not knowing what you might get. In this case...crap.

Newest Andre Woodson Auto Card

Here is my latest Andre Woodson auto card purchased from Ebay. 2008 Bowman Chrome Gold refractor #'d 22/25. Once again pic from Ebay second to not having a scanner.

I've got two more Woodson's on the way. 1) 2008 UD Heroes auto #'d 5/5 and 2) 2008 Donruss Elite die cut auto #'d out of 25.

October 24, 2009

2009 SP Threads box break

I broke down and bought a box of SP Threads yesterday. 16 packs of 5 cards. 5 hits per box; 1 Letterman, 1 auto, and three relics. I did ok, I got two Letterman autos (a Beanie Wells /24 and a Clint Sintim /20), a Donovan McNabb/DeSean Jackson dual jersey card, Andre Caldwell jersey card, and an Andre Brown (RB Giants)dual jersey card. I usually don't have a lot of luck with good hits in boxes but I guess I can't complain with this one. My previous best hit would be a 2009 Topps Chrome Tommy Hanson auto which there doesn't appear to be a shortage of on Ebay.

What I'm collecting

Here's what I'm mainly collecting:

1) Cincinnati Reds (basically any and all)
2) Kentucky Wildcats
a) Andre Woodson of the Washington Redskins practice squad
b) Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills
c) Keenan Burton of the St. Louis Rams
d) Jacob Tamme of the Indianapolis Colts
3) Autographed cards (either brand certified or not)

I may post lists of what all I have of the above players and am looking for more. Here's my latest addition, an '08 Topps Chrome Superfractor Auto 8/10 of Andre Woodson. Crappy picture taken from the ebay auction. Won this for $20.

New Blog (second attempt)

I'm going to give this blog thing a try again. Last year I thought i'd blog about the Cincinnati Reds but I didn't make it out of April. Ironically I don't think the Reds did either. This time I'm going to give the sportscard blog genre a try. I started reading other sportscard blogs and really enjoy seeing other people's collections. If i'm going to really do this I'll have to buy a new scanner.

I started collecting baseball cards in 1988. 1988 Topps Shawon Dunston was my first card and I still have it. I collected a few years but like many gave it up as I grew older and the market became flooded with crappy cards. This year during spring training I started looking at old Pete Rose cards on Ebay. I bought a few and as I got more excited about the upcoming baseball season I started looking into cards for the new Reds. The rest is history. Now, i'm back into collecting full-time. Baseball, Football, Basketball, whatever. I feel like i'm 12 again but this time I have enough money to get pretty much whatever I want. So...we'll see how long I stick with this. I'm not sure what form this blog will take. It'll probably just be random posts about cards I obtain and not one particular theme. Let's begin...