February 18, 2012

I'm Back...

For at least one post. Hopefully more in the future, It's been a year since my last. The reason for this post is one card. I finally obtained the 2008 Andre Woodson Topps Superfractor 1/1. It's the second superfractor i've purchased and my only one right now. Since I was able to purchase this off of ebay i've renewed my Woodson collection and hope to improve it even more. Here's an orange Bowman auto refractor i got recently as well. I've got another or two on the way and some off of COMC to ship that I hope to be showing off. My really only other chase right now is the American Heritage Refractors of the Civil Rights Leaders. I've got Malcolm X, MLK, Harriet Tubman, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Booker T. Washington. If anyone has a heads up on the other five please let me know. I'll always take another MLK though too.

February 17, 2011

Any Johnny Mize collectors out there?

I apologize for the lack of a picture right now but i'm at work. Yesterday I bought an unopened Topps Chicle box loader cabinet card from a local store (don't ask). It turned out to be an artist proof of Johnny Mize (in a Cardinals uniform) and autographed by the artist (forget the name). It's numbered out of 50. I'll try and get a picture of it up tomorrow but it's a good looking card with a good looking signature. I realize it's a small market for something like that so that's why i'll trade it instead of listing it on ebay. Let me know what ya got...

February 9, 2011

It's been awhile...

since i've posted last. It's been crazy around here with the snow storms, death in the family, holidays, etc. I haven't bought many cards if at all since December but I have gotten a couple trade packages in the mail and my COMC.com shipment arrived. I also finally received my two Mike Leake redemption autos and a custom Kentucky Steve Johnson card finally came back signed and personalized. So without further delay:

First I want to thank Jeremy from no one's going to read this blog. We've sent a few packages back and forth and I just received another one the other day. I still haven't posted what he sent before. I have to admit most of the cards he sent got mixed in with my other Reds that need to be organized but I wanted to show off two today. One is a custom 1/1 sketch card that Jeremy made of Johnny Bench. While this isn't from a card company, it's still my first sketch card and very legit if you ask me. Very cool. The other is a Jay Bruce N43 Ginter card. This is only my second N43 card and he even included an oversized top loader that fits it perfect. Thanks again Jeremy, it's been great trading with you and I hope to continue. Now I just have to find some more Mets or Packers!

The next cards I wanted to show off were some autos I got. The Steve Johnson I got back through the mail, a Steve Johnson score auto numbered /50 I got off of COMC for about $3, a Tristar Reymond Fuentes inscription autograph numbered /25 that I also got off of COMC (this will go along with my Bowman Orange Refractor auto I pulled), A Devin Mesoraco Refractor auto from COMC, and one of the two Mike Leakes.

Finally, I want to show off the stamp card I won on Jimmy's blog Prophet Got It. It was a contest he was having back in December I think. It's about time for him to be back so I wanted to get this up. Thanks again Jimmy.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm not sure when the next post will come but I really don't want to shut this down and wish I hadn't later. Even though I don't buy as much any more I'm still collecting, and condensing. I'm still looking for Steve Johnson Refractors, Reds, and anything else on my want list. I have some stuff that I was collecting but am not now that I may make available but i'm not sure yet. I'm not sure if i'll go the ebay route or make them available for trade. I've actually been selling some cards on ebay and taking that money and buying original artwork for my house off of a couple artists on Etsy. It's kind of a girly site but they have a lot of great artists on there selling their works. Time to dig myself out of my hosue with the ol' snow shovel!

December 15, 2010

Trade With Prophet Got It

I've been meaning to do this trade post for about two weeks or more. Jimmy from Prophet Got It... hit me up about my Ike Davis autograph and I was happy to send it his way. He sent back a nice assortment of Reds cards including some newer cards that I haven't bought yet. I've been too busy liquidating my cards to buy the stuff that I want. Here's a scan of my favorites. The chromes are curving up after sitting on my desk so I figured this scan was as good as it's going to get as far as keeping them lined up. Thanks Jimmy! By the way, I really like that Sparky Anderson card. It's a nice card to honor one of the Reds greatest managers who is no longer with us.

December 4, 2010

Cards obtained from COMC

This is a small sample of the 250 or so cards I have coming my way from COMC.com. I've been acquiring this lot for months now and finally had them shipped during their Thanksgiving sale. Most of the ones i've decided to show are the Gallery of Heroes but I had to show this Vader card which is transparent like the Gallery cards. I can't wait to put that George Foster in aviators into an uncirculated case also.

December 1, 2010

More Circulated Favorites

It's been over a month since my last post but it doesn't mean I haven't been busy with card stuff. Getting the team lot project wrapped up was a lot more overwhelming than I thought. I've still got one more box to go out to Night Owl which will go out eventually. I've been doing a lot of Ebay business getting rid of stuff I don't want and know will bring a few dollars. I sold a Steve Johnson National Treasures Auto /99 for $60 just prior to the Steelers game which worked out well. I still have a couple of his other autos and now two of his orange refractors. One of which is for sale on Ebay.

I thought I'd give you all something to look at as I've added more cards to my Circulated favorites collection. These are my favorite cards that may or may not be worth anything but I put them into Topps Uncirculated cases once I pop the crappy card out.

The first is a Steve Johnson RC refractor. The second is a cool MJ card showing him dunking with the Sears Tower in the background. Then you have Rowdy Roddy Piper choking out the Junkyard Dog, a Brandon Phillips Beam Team auto card. These Beam Team and Gallery of Heroes stained glass cards are becoming my favorite cards. The last is an Oscar Robertson in a Cincinnati Royals uni. Too bad Cincy doesn't still have an NBA team. How gangster would that team be? Of course the scan doesn't do these cards justice.

October 23, 2010

Chrome Box Breaks

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. Been busy with work and doing work around the house. The Reds getting no-hit then ultimately swept out of the playoffs didn't help my desire to post anything Reds or sports related for that matter. I have been up to a few things card related lately though.

I pre-ordered two boxes of chrome baseball earlier in the spring/summer time. Mistake. The price has dropped about $20 per box since then. Oh well. Here's a bit of irony for ya; the same day I received my two boxes of chrome, I got my Mike Leake TTM auto attempt back. Notice I said attempt. Instead of sending my Ginter card back he sent a Mike Leake brand baseball card complete with a facsimile autograph. He must have needed my Ginter card or something. The irony part of this is one of the autos out of my chrome box was a redemption for a Mike Leake base auto. Not a refractor. I've seen his base autos on Ebay. I got a redemption. So two chances to have a Mike Leake auto in one day and I got anything but. Hey, i'm glad it's a Red, and I like Leake (minus the whole stealing my baseball card thing) but come on. I also got autos of Austin Jackson, Ike Davis, and someone who probably doesn't matter. I got a Scott Kazmir Heritage Black Refractor that got caught in the pack sealing crimper machine thing...great. I'm not even going to get it replaced because I don't care. It's not too bad so if someone wants it, leave a comment and i'll mail it to you for a Mike Leake Ginter card. Or nothing at all, I don't care.

Now the fun part. 2010 Topps Chrome Football. I typed it all out because I love this set. I liked the regular cards when they came out but the chrome is soooo much better. I originally bought two boxes; one for me and one for my brother. I opened them both so I had to order two more. One for me and one for my brother (which I did seal up in a box to ship so I didn't open it). The first two boxes were ok base wise. Standard number of refractors and one Red refractor of Beanie Wells (which is on Ebay). I got two great autos though. CJ Spiller and Dexter McCluster. The third box was about the same base wise. I got a red refractor of Ray Lewis (which is also on Ebay). The auto was...wait for it..........John Skelton. Awesome. But, it's cool. I'm actually collecting the autos for this set. Whether I finish it out when it comes time to Tebow and Bradford has yet to be determined. My hope is that my brother will get a pretty good box with a Best or Suh auto, we'll see. And if anyone is wondering, CJ Spiller would have been his. Sorry Chris.

I guess that's about it. I've been selling a butt load of cards on Ebay as part of my purge of cards I don't care about any more. I'm not breaking the bank but I've got a nice little pile in paypal now.

I've still got two team lots to send out which i've been slacking on. The Dodgers for Night Owl, and every other team for Smed's Cards. I hope to get those out this coming week. The post office loves me right now. Luckily I have an unusually quick and unbusy post office where I live compared to every single other one I've been in.

I ganked these picks off of Ebay since I'm at work. I'm pretty sure my C.J. auto looks better but I have to say, I've noticed a lack of effort on a lot of these autos this year. However, they look 1,000% better than the baseball on-card autos which is strange.

**Side Notes: I'm adding John Conner as a player I collect now. Jets FB from Kentucky. I've also added a link to my ebay page on the right over there. Don't be alarmed, there's a couple Buy It Now's that are priced pretty high. That's because I really don't care if I sell them or not but I would take that much money over having the card itself. That is all.

September 30, 2010

Cincinnati Reds: 2010 NL Central Champs

Ok, so I may be a day or two late on this but who cares. The Reds are in and that's all that counts. I thought I might have a chance to go to game two in Cincinnati as I'm flying in on the 8th but it looks like they may not have home field advantage. To celebrate the Reds division championship, i'd like to share a couple links to my favorite Reds blogs who have covered the actual baseball part of the season better than I ever could.

1) Redleg Nation
2) OMG Reds

Here's a new blog that I saw featured on OMG Reds that does my new favorite thing, make custom cards. Does anyone now of how to print and make these custom cards real?

3) The Writer's Journey

September 24, 2010

Another Team Lot Return Package

I actually forgot that I had just gotten this box in the mail when I did the last post. This is from Scott of Smed's Baseball Card Blog. He received a box of the A's, Rockies, and Brewers (if I remember correctly). What I do remember is stuffing that box so full that i've got about 40 Brewers cards that I couldn't get in there. They're just junk wax commons so who knows, maybe i'll just throw them out or wait to pawn them off on someone else. Here is the top three that I picked from his return box. He had a pretty big box to send as well but these were all Reds and a lot of new ones too. Love the Dibble card.

September 22, 2010

Team Lot Return Package Post: Catching Up Edition

I've got four return packages to post this time. I haven't had a lot of time lately so here it goes...

The first package is from Dennis at Too Many Grandersons. He's a Tigers fan (Wolverines fan too but I won't hold that against him) and sent me a great return package of old and new Reds. The three I picked for showing off are the Joe Oliver autograph which is great, the Topps Tek Paul Konerko (plastic see through and refractor like), and an '05 UD Pros and Prospects Griffey. Love the throw back uni.

The next trade is one that I instigated as I found out that Chris from On Card Autos was a Cubs fan and I didn't have anybody claim the Cubs yet (big surprise). He sent a nice little package of Reds, most of them I didn't have yet. I chose the Big Red Machine, Red variation Volquez, and the big head Austin Kearns to show off. I'm gonna have to find some more of the big head cards, those are funny.

The next package came from within the state of Oklahoma from Jeremy of No One's Going To Read This Blog. He's a Mets fan who also requested the Packers. He collects OU Sooners too since he's from Norman. He sent a great package of newer Reds and also some Lions for my brother. I love the Jay Bruce Turkey Red, very classic looking (obviously). It's too bad Upper Deck sucks now because they always had great photography and card design. What was up with 2007 Upper Deck though? Horrible looking sets. I'm glad I didn't start back collecting in '07. Between UD and that Topps set, I probably would have quit again.

The last package came from the legendary Collective Troll. I think between a previous trade with me and trading with Chris from Nachos Grande, Troll didn't have too many Reds left to trade. But...he came through and was able to send a package with some Reds and 80's oddball stuff. I love this Topps Finest Volquez refractor. One of the shiniest refractors i've seen. Of course my scanner isn't going to show you that.

Well I'm caught up for now but should have a couple more coming at some point. I've also pre-ordered two boxes of Topps Chrome baseball and one box of Topps Chrome football so I may have some stuff up for trade.